How was the singer of the snake snake flowing around the wrist born?

How was the singer of the snake snake flowing around the wrist born? Bvlgari Serpenti series of new jewelry + hand-made process, the convergence of feminine gestures and geometric lines. If you want to list Bvlgari’s jewellery pieces, the most beautiful masterpieces of natural inspiration and jewellery, then the Serpenti series, inspired by snakes, must be in front. The Serpenti snake watch has been a representative of Bvlgari since the 1940s. In many people’s impressions, snakes are a mysterious and awesome creature, but in Greek mythology, snakes symbolize intelligence, life and eternity. They have been the permanent theme of jewelry design since the distant Greek era. It is also one of the most important design elements in the history of Bvlgari. The Serpenti collection of jewels combines the snake’s sturdy body with abstract geometric lines. The ‘scales’ made of white gold, gold and rose gold are connected in series to a single or multi-ring bracelet and ring. The scales are set with diamonds. , pearl mother-of-pearl, black agate, coral and other materials, the secret of the arc shape lies in the spring made of white gold hidden under the scales. The Serpenti jewellery watch uses the colored gems to trace the vivid form of the snake, while the dial and the pointer are subtly Hiding in a small snake head. How do the awesome snakes in reality be interpreted as gorgeous, mysterious and desirable jewelry in the hands of Bvlgari craftsmen? How can a flattering gesture be fixed in a simple geometric line? Think about it again and carefully observe the process of production.