The “Gravity” area shows the beauty of space in an artistic way

Immersive Space Party – Hermès, with more than 180 years of history, has developed bags, harnesses, silk products, women’s wear, men’s wear, jewellery, footwear, perfumes, watches, living art furniture, belts, gloves, hats, enamel ornaments. And 16 categories of accessories such as accessories and porcelain Fake Bulgari ring Jewelry Cheap. After the menswear show, Hermès used the huge space of the China Shipbuilding Museum to create a futuristic “space party” that provided the audience with a full range of Hermes lifestyle experiences. The “Experimental Lounge” area is the first to create a sense of technology. Just like the huge chemical test tube device is filled with walls, from time to time there are several ‘test tubes’ flashing red and blue neon light, which is like entering the science laboratory. In the ‘test tube’ and ‘beaker’, Hermès’s tie, watch, shoes, and bag are placed. In the middle there is a craftsman who will perform an experiment on how to ‘experiment’ a Hermès product. The “Gravity” area shows the beauty of space in an artistic way, and the “Tumbler” dance pioneered by dance artist Yoann Bourgeois reappears here. The dancers put on the special costumes and incarnate the huge ‘tumbler’, as if they entered the universe of gravity imbalance, looking for balance in the manpower swing. The “training space” is full of young play spirit, creating a game center consisting of a shooting machine, a retro classic game console, and a table tennis table under weightless conditions. The huge screen occupying a whole wall also staged a ‘snake-snake’ war, and the ‘Cha?ne?d’ancre’ anchor chain pattern twisted the snake shape with interest. Men in suits and shoes and ladies on high heels gathered in front of the game console, such scenes are rare Replica Bulgari ring. The VR device that allows the audience to experience long queues is the “completely ready to go” area. Passing through the space where the real-life ratio spacesuit is placed, wearing a VR device, the virtual and reality are instantly converted, and the experiencer is immediately placed in the space cockpit. Pégase, a pair of wings, vacates, taking you out of the cockpit and in the vast universe. Numerous sizes of meteorites are scattered all around, with a huge planet in front. ‘Hermes Pegasus’ waved its wings and galloped and flew in space. It only saw its wings passing by, leaving a silver-white sparkle, exactly the words ‘Fast? Forward? Men’. What kind of future is Hermès “going forward”? Everyone may have their own answer. The only thing no doubt is that this future must belong to the younger generation.