The origin of the fingerprint ring

The origin of the fingerprint ring – the French political situation in the 18th century changed and the war was frequent. Miss Weng Julie is the only daughter of the nobles of the Count of Zambishley. At the age of 18, she was beautiful and generous. She captured the hearts of many aristocratic children at that time, but no one could shake the deepest strings of her heart. Innocent Julie has always maintained a sacred attitude towards love, and fame and fortune is just a gorgeous shell in her eyes. She hopes that she has a love that is unforgettable and shocking. Once, when Julie took jewelry in a precious jewelry store, she met the handsome and charming jeweler Saint-Puller. Julie was immediately attracted to the poor family who had a special charm. In the heart of Saint-Puller, Julie is the goddess in her heart. The days when the two get along, Yangge Yan dance, butterfly love flower fly.

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Happiness is often short-lived, and it is cruel reality when Saint-Puller and Julie are deciding to marry Fake Bulgari ring Jewelry Cheap. In order to save the family that declined in the war, Julie had to marry a promising general of Valen. Saint-Puller has been waiting for the good news that Julie brought to him. Until one day, she learned from her friend that her family had changed. She had already obeyed her family’s arrangements to marry another person. Huge pain engulfed him, and Saint-Pulene’s heart was bleeding. The goodness of the past has disappeared like a dream. Only the breath of the lover and the deep kiss left by the fingertips are left in the heart… What is even more terrible is Sao Tome. Le received the task of making a wedding diamond ring for Valang and Julie from the boss. The heartbreaking Saint-Puller decided to bless Julie and determined to create a unique wedding diamond ring for the lovers. Saint-Puller spent all its savings on all the relationships and asked for a 3 carat colored diamond from South Africa Replica Bulgari ring. Although not the biggest, it is a rare treasure in clarity and color.