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Cartier: Emperor’s jeweler? What are the upstarts wearing? Cartier was first born in 1847, and its name was also based on the first founder Louis Fancois Cartier, and since the advent of Cartier, Haute Couture is its main business. In the age of feudalism, Cartier felt that jewelry should be something that the nobility could have, so it set the price very high. It is precisely because of these ideas that the Royal Family is willing to buy jewelry in Cartier. At the end of the 19th century, the Prince of Wales ordered nearly 30 crowns in Cartier, and finally directly praised Cartier as ‘the emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s emperor.’ But what really made Cartier famous was because of the ‘Emperor’s letter of appointment’ issued by Edward VII, which officially entrusted Cartier as the royal jeweler of the royal family. This ‘commission’ also allowed Cartier to receive royal letters from Russia, Spain, Italy and many other countries. Cartier also officially assumed that he is the ’emperor’s jeweler’ Fake Bulgari ring Jewelry Cheap.

he is the 'emperor's jeweler' Fake Bulgari ring Jewelry Cheap

So far, there are still many royal families. Wearing Cartier~ Cartier’s custom-made necklace for the Indian prince, the Medusa avatar pendant made in 1906, two years ago, Cartier was appointed by Edward VII to become a royal jewellery supplier. The crown worn by Princess Kate when she was married was loaned to her by Elizabeth II. This crown was custom-made in Cartier on the 18th birthday of the Queen. I once saw a person’s evaluation of Cartier on the Internet. He said: “Although the official will not admit it Replica Bulgari ring, there are actually two ‘Cartiers’ today, one is monopoly. Cartier can buy the money in the store, and the other is Gao Ding Cartier, who is always in the cold and proud. The tonality of Cartier’s whole brand is also supported by the high-ranking friend behind.’ Indeed, Cartier in the store. Although it is expensive, but the classic models like the LOVE series, you can still afford it.