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Basic knowledge of jewellery: To know jewellery, it must be applied to many basics of chemistry, physics, and mineralogy and crystallography. We can only give an overview of the most basic and simple content here. What are gems and jade? Gems are broadly the most beautiful and rare in the stone. It consists of two major categories of gemstones and jade. Narrow gemstones are single-crystal minerals that are naturally produced (such as natural gold, diamond) or compounds (such as crystal, red and blue). Jade refers to a polycrystalline rock composed of a single mineral or a multi-mineral aggregate. Second, what is jade? Jade has the reputation of the king of jade. It is a jadeite in jade. Its chemical composition is sodium aluminosilicate. The mineral composition is a pyroxene-based pyroxene. The structure is composed of numerous fine fibrous microcrystals. A dense block assembly having a carpet-like structure. It is very tough, resistant to high impact forces and pressures, and its products are durable. Jadeite has a hardness of 6.5-7 Moss, a specific gravity of 3.3, a glass luster or a pearl luster, and is often translucent, and a few are transparent (fully transparent ‘glass’), and the fracture is staggered. In China’s gemstones, there is a saying that Huang Wei is green and green is green Fake Bulgari ring Jewelry Cheap.

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The origin of the jadeite is mainly concentrated in the Archaeological Area of ​​Myitkyina in northern Myanmar. What is a diamond? It is customary to refer to diamonds that reach gem-quality diamonds. It is a crystalline mineral crystallized from a single carbon element in a special environment and is the only gemstone mineral composed of single elements. Gemstones and diamonds (ie diamonds) are not only hard (10 grades of Mohs hardness, 1100 times more than quartz), they have extremely high abrasion resistance and chemical stability; they are strong in gloss, are not easy to wear after processing, and can shine diamonds for a long time; Moreover, it has a large refractive index (2.42) and a strong dispersion (0.044, which is the strongest among natural colorless gemstones). When the diamond is honed into dozens of small faces, the white light that is injected into the diamond is dispersed during the refraction process. It is a monochromatic light, showing a seven-color neon-like brilliance, showing a brilliant and crystal-like optical effect. This strong dispersion phenomenon is the most precious feature of diamonds and is beyond the reach of any other gemstone. Therefore, it is known as the ‘king of gems’. Diamonds are mainly produced in South Africa, Australia, Zaire, Botswana, mainly used for diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, boutonniere and other accessories. The jewellery here is a selection of good ingredients Replica Bulgari ring.