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What is ’emerald’? Emerald refers to the emerald green beryl with chromium. The chemical composition is strontium silicate. The crystal is hexagonal column and belongs to the hexagonal system. It is green or dark green, with a specific gravity of 2.6-2.8 and a hardness of 7.5-8. , easy to break; transparent, glass luster. The color is beautiful, transparent and hard, which is the most valuable feature of emerald. Its main producing areas are Colombia and the former Soviet Union. Emeralds are often used as accessories such as ring faces, earrings, and boutonniere. What is ‘cat’s eye’? Gemology’s so-called ‘cat’s eye’ is specifically for gold emeralds with cat’s eye effect, and any other gemstone mineral with cat’s eye effect cannot be called ‘cat’s eye’ in a general way, but must be preceded by its name. The name of the mineral, such as ‘Emerald Cat’s Eye’ or ‘Quartz Cat’s Eye’. The chemical composition of gold emerald is yttrium aluminate. The crystal is columnar or plate-shaped. It can be brown, green and yellow. It has glass luster, hardness of 8.5 and specific gravity of 4.73. Shell-like fracture and white streak. When it has densely oriented fibrous and acicular mineral inclusions or tubular holes in its interior, it will produce a bright band like the cat’s eye pupil due to the reflection of light. This is the cat’s eye effect. When the gemstone is turned, this bright band will move on the surface of the gemstone, so it is also called ‘play color’,

eferred to as 'K' Fake Bulgari ring Jewelry Cheap

which is the most important feature of the opal. Opal often serves as a ring face, and the best opal is produced in Sri Lanka from the East. What is ‘K gold’? Since the jewelry made of pure gold is too soft, it is difficult to inlay a variety of exquisite styles, especially when it is inlaid with pearls, precious stones and jadeites. Therefore, since ancient times, people know that a small amount of silver is added to pure gold. Metals such as copper and zinc, in order to increase the strength and toughness of gold, the gold ornaments made in this way are called gold ornaments. The production of the pure gold content in the decorative gold is called ‘golden position’, the English is karat, the general translation is ‘open’, and the English word can also be referred to as ‘K’ Fake Bulgari ring Jewelry Cheap. Therefore, the jewelry is also called ‘K’ gold. Generally speaking, pure gold is 24K, that is, the theoretical gold content is 100%. Therefore, 1K means that the gold content of gold ornaments accounts for 1/24, about 4.16%. China’s consumption habits generally use 24K, 18K, while in some countries in Europe and America Replica Bulgari ring, 14K or 12K gold is often used to set up jewelry. What is ‘Golden Jewelry’ and ‘Platinum Jewelry’? Jewelry crafts made entirely of gold and some gold can be called “golden jewelry”, and gold made with precious metal “platinum” is called “platinum jewelry”. Because the distribution of platinum metal in the earth’s crust is more dispersed than gold, it is difficult. Extracted, so platinum jewelry is more expensive than gold jewelry